More than your average pod.

Moveable and transportable

Safe and secure

Built for year-round use

Easy to maintain

Plug-and-Play install

Fully customisable

Sustainable and environmental

A lifetime of use

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Well designed, optimized space is at the heart of what we do. Whether you choose one of our functional offices, boutique en-suite’s, or an entertainment pod, you’ll be impressed with clever design and excellent quality.

  • Duo Office (A12)
  • Duo Office (A14)
  • Essential Office (A10)
  • Essential Office (A12)
  • Essential Office (A14)
  • Executive Office (A10)
  • Executive Office (A12)
  • Executive Office (A14)
  • Guest Office (A12)
  • Guest Office (A14)
  • Studio (A10)
  • Studio (A12)
  • Studio (A14)
  • Therapy Room (A14)
  • Xtraroom (A12)
  • Xtraroom (A14)
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Built for the future.

Every Armadilla is built to order using high-quality materials and the latest computer-controlled manufacturing techniques to ensure a consistently high level of quality. We’re confident that the Armadilla will last a lifetime, and just like any new-build house offer a 10-year manufacturers warranty on all of our structures.

Fully Insulated


Double-Glazed Windows

LED Lighting

Commercial Fittings & Fixtures

Wipeable & Washable Surfaces

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An award-winning aesthetic.

The Armadilla’s uniquely curved shape has been hailed as a design classic, fitting in well to both traditional and contemporary environments. From the close-grained, slow grown Siberian Larch cladding system to our close attention to detail internally, every aspect of the Armadilla has been carefully designed.


Sustainable & Environmental.

We work closely with our suppliers to ensure that everything that goes into making an Armadilla is both sustainable and environmental. With generously insulated wall cavities, underfloor heating and LED lighting, the Armadilla uses very little energy – saving both the environment and your pocket.


Fully customisable.

We build in three sizes, offering a wide range of colours and finishes both inside and out. If you’re looking for something truly unique, get in contact with one of our representatives today.

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A simple, stress-free installation.

An integrated steel frame substructure gives the Armadilla incredible structural strength, meaning that it is delivered to you fully built, usually towed like a caravan or loaded onto a flatbed lorry. Once on site, the Armadilla doesn’t require heavy foundations and can be moved easily by forklift, HIAB or crane – even once installed. This means that installation is incredibly fast.

No foundations

Rigid steel frame

Installed in under 1hr

Moveable & transportable afterwards

And that’s just the beginning…

Easy Maintenence

Looking after your Armadilla is easy - just leave it! Surfaces are all washable and wipeable, and the external cladding only requires re-painting every 3-5 years.

Safe and Secure

From security-laminated glass to keyless-egress safety locks, nobody's getting into your Armadilla.

Year-round Use

Cooling insulation, double-glazed windows and soundproof - there's a reason that people never wan't to leave!

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